Privacy Policy & Rules

Rules and Rregulations for the Participants

1. Participants must be capable of completing the full distance of Race , from the official start line to the official finish line, within the time limit required by the Race Organizer (Cut Off Time and Cut Off Point). Please note that the official time calculation is the authority of the Race Organizer.
2. The submission of online registration form through the Sailor RUNBANGLA International 10k 2023 official website is considered as an acknowledgement and acceptance of the Rules & Regulations.
3. One email address is only used for one entry/registrant. If it is violated, the Race Organizer reserves the right to withhold the bib number and race kits, and disqualify Participant from the Race.
4. Payment confirmation will be sent to the registered email address after our system successfully receive and verify Participant payment.
5. The Race Organizer reserves the right to close the registration before the registration deadline and/or when the Race quota is fulfilled.
6. The Participants agree to provide true, accurate, current, and complete information in the registration form. The Race Organizer may contact the Participants from time to time by email or phone call.
7. Time limit (Cut Off Time 1 hour 40 minutes and Cut Off Point) and minimum age (14 years) requirements are applicable to the Race.
8. Bib number is a specific personal identifiers of Participant and non transferable.
9. Sale and/or transfer of Race entry/bib number will result in the disqualification and/or banning of any individuals involved from future events.
10. Bib number will be given upon the submission of Race registration confirmation. Bib number must be pasted on the runners front side of body and clearly visible during the Race.
11. The Race Organizer has the authority to withhold the bib number and race kits in certain conditions such as the violation to the Rules & Regulations, indication of falsification and/or other similar conditions.
12. Race kits cannot be mailed and cannot be collected on Race Day.
13. If any Participant is found to have registered more than one time, such Participant is allowed to participate in the Race provided that Participant only uses one entry or one bib number (including the race kit). In this regard, the Race Organizer reserves the right to hold the other entries or bib number (including the race kit) that Participant obtained.
14. Participants are ONLY allowed to start according to the start time of the race and not after.
15. Participant who is found to commit unsportsmanlike conduct that includes but not limited to the blocking, obstructing other Participants and/or the run course, will be automatically disqualified from the Race.
16. Carrying and using loud music system/ portable Bluetooth speaker/ radio is strictly forbidden. Anyone doing so will be subjected to the action deserved for race rules violation.
17. Hydration stations will be available along the run course and at the finish line.
18. Toilet for male and female would be available along the race track.
19. Unofficial vehicles such as, Bicycle, Motorcycle will not be allowed on the course.
20. No one except the registered runners will be allowed to accompany any runner or running alone on the race track during the race time.
21. NO PET of any kind with or without leash is allowed on the run course.
22. Participants shall not dress inappropriately for a sports event or in clothing that is unpleasant to other Participants or spectators.
23. Race time will be displayed at the start and finish line. Participants shall fulfill the Cut Off Time 1 hour 40 minutes.
24. All participants completing the 10 KM distance of race track, irrespective of finishing within the cut off time or not, would receive the medal as a token of participation. Only the runners completing the race within mentioned cut off time will receive e-certificate.
25. Participant shall not obstruct the Race by failing to follow the instructions of the Race official.
26. Race Organizer reserves the right to stop Participants from continuing the Race if Participants are behaving in a manner deemed to be inappropriate to the Race, and such Participant shall be disqualified from the Race.
27. Electronic chip based Timekeeping will be prepared for the participants. All Participants will be given bib number with timing chip to be worn during the Race. Check points will be placed at the start/finish line, and at designated timing points to ensure all Participants are following the official race course. Participants who failed to follow the official race course shall be disqualified from the Race.
28. Participants expressly and exclusively grant the Race Organizers and its assignee, the irrevocable right to use Participants name, likeness, biography, factually or otherwise in connection with the production, distribution and publication of the images, photographs, and other proprietary rights related to the running event, world-wide in any and all devices, media or publications.
29. Copyright and other proprietary rights (if any) of images, photographs, articles, race records, and location information, covering the event, and their usage right for TV broadcasting, newspapers, magazines, the internet, and other media or publications belongs to the Race Organizer.
30. From time to time the Race Organizer may modify the Rules & Regulations in our sole discretion without prior notice, so please continue to review the Rules & Regulations whenever accessing to our website of Sailor RUNBANGLA International 10K 2023..

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